“Let everything do what it naturally does so that its nature will be satisfied” – Chuang Tzu

Our vernacular heritage offers us a record of how in the past we lived a more sustainable way of life. The character of traditional buildings offer us ecological lessons including the need for ‘buildings to breathe’ and to utilise resources on or near the site. 

 Our advancing knowledge of holistic and ecological building technology reflects the restoration and balance of the ‘whole’ both in terms of human and planetary health. This awareness in Architecture is wide spread in Germany and Scandinavia via the growth of Baubiologie, Building Biology. This integrates both building science and art and considers the relationship between building occupants and their environment. Culturally, the notion of ‘Wellbeing’ has recently grown in popularity as a progressive lifestyle aspiration and is widely recognised when we connect with nature. The application of ‘healthy’ building biology design principles encourages a 'sense of wellbeing' within our buildings.